Where does the things that can’t get fixed go?

Drawing by me

One thing that marked my life is the ancient gypsy’s law. Mostly when I got an existential problem, I can relate to it. Those days, I was, for some reasons, thinking about the victim status and the scale of the attacker’s responsibilities in what happens next, and it made me think of the block’s law.

It’s about the fact that when someone hurts or insults someone else, the attacker has to redeem himself by throwing a knife to the victim or the victim’s hand, and not touching him but the plank behind. This law may seem unfair at the first glance but only because it’s the result of an unfair situation. Because when you mess with a person, you have to remember that things may go wrong and that if it does, it’s your fault.

Most of the time, in the law of the jungle conjuncture, we focus our attention on the only one that did nothing instead of the one that broke boundaries. We make him responsible because he could have known, blame him because he is not strong enough to move on, bring him to the shrink in order of « fixing him » when he just normally reacts to an outstanding situation..

But the thing is that, when the victim learns how to « live with » (when the goal should be to live without), he erases the consequences. None for the attacker, none for the victim. So was the outstanding situation such a big deal?

The lack of consequences turns the unacceptable into something common.

Prejudice leads to consequences for the victim AND for the attacker. And which are those consequences on the attacker?

By spoiling it, he gets responsible for his victim’s life even if none of them want to. That’s why the one that fucked up has to throw the knife and not the opposite. Because it’s not a question of revenge. By throwing this knife, he can not enjoy or ignore his victim’s fall. He has to face it, feel it, and deal with the fact that he granted too much power to himself and should be ashame of it. He gets the fact that it is possible to go too far and that not everything can get fixed. That’s why we take care of each others. By having a chance to kill his victim, he understands the extent of what he did.

Only, as this law isn’t gadjo’s one, the attacker can choice if he takes this responsibility.

Most of the time, the attacker doesn’t want to bother.

The result is that consequences are for the victims only.


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