Thomas Howard Memorial

So picture a shy little boy hiding behind his guitar and singing his songs like Daniel Johnston would do if he had Demis Roussos’ voice in Blade Runner’s soundtrack (yes, I had to specify) . Then, add a bunch of guys around that frame the songs with bass, keyboard, amazing drums, and weird sounds. The little boy doesn’t seem to see them and yet, they tell the same story only from a different points of view.

That’s exactly what I saw the first time I heard Thomas Howard Memorial, saturday night, and it was like entering a movie during a crucial scene when music goes on for us, spectators, but the character is still riding his horse in the middle of a silent plain. And even after this first song, when the voice turned lower, still lasted the picture of a lost kid with his lyrics ring binder, carried by three shadow knights as Clint Eastwood was carried by Ennio Morricone in A Fistful of dollars.


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