Ghost game

For Halloween, I started to make this ghostie garland and everything was fine until I started to get tired of cuting and pasting. I took my pens and starting to draw celebrities on those cute ghosties. There is three categories :

– Psychopaths

– Cool ladies

– Teen idols

Let’s recognize them!

So here are the answers!
De Gaulle (well done Gwen), Leon, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara, Adolphe Hitler, Edgar Allan Poe, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Joséphine Baker, Mercredi Adams, Louise Brooks (or us when we were kids, Aimée!), L’odieux connard


4 réflexions sur “Ghost game

  1. cavaan dit :

    I see Leon! and Elvis! and Marilyn, and… Liza? There is Hitler, Salvador? John? And a girl with our childhood haircuts. The last one looks like this character called Buster in Arrested Development but I know you definitely didn’t intend on that. Who else is there? 😀

    • libelium dit :

      Haha, I don’t know Arrested Development but after a quick google research I can see the resemblance! You are right for everything except Liza, but since a friend thought that it was Anna Karina, I guess that I fucked up this one. On Halloween day, I’ll giv all the answers 😀 (I’m the mysterious type < said whil wraping in my Phantom of the Opera cape)

  2. cavaan dit :

    hahahaha Anna Karina. Okay can’t wait for Halloween! x

  3. cavaan dit :

    Barbara! So. Much. Sense!

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