I wish I was a Shirelle

So I guess there are two gangs in the 60s girl bands :

The one where girls fight for their man despite the bad reputation, and the one where girls cry out because guys are jerks. The Crystals, for example, belongs to the first one (He’s a rebel, There’s no other like my baby, Uptown, or even freakin’ he hit me ), and The Supremes belong to the other (Love is here and now you’re gone, Keep me hanging on, love is like an itching in my heart …)

I got a strange relationship to The Supremes. It’s not my favorite band but I really like it because of some sentimental value. Not that anything important in my life happened while they where on, but they are kind of the result of an equation including things I like… and prozac.

I’m more an Ike & Tina Turner or Candi Staton person but I don’t relate to their  » stand by your man  » vibes. Having one big crush/love/jerk-that-your-heart-don’t-let-you-dump and making compromises (hysterical ones, of course) for ? As a person that have bad love luck, I relate way more to the « Get-out-my-life-you-random-jerk/please-don’t-leave-me-you-new-random-jerk » vibes The Supremes go for. It reminds me a bit of Jacques Brel’s desperate and bitter style in « le pendu » or  » Ne me quittes pas  » **  but just sang by a Vanessa Paradis under Prozac (and black) (and with Brigitte Bardot’s haircut)

** (For those that are interesting in this great man, there is some English covers compiled there. You can hear, for example :  If you go away, Ne me quittes pas by Nina Simone, or even this awesome Next’s cover by Sensational Alex Harvey band)

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We killed my parents and hit the road

I think these are my favorite Sonic Youth’s sleeves, and Goo’s is probably my favorite ever with Laurie Anderson’s « Big Science« . Those records both got a huge sentimental value. Evol is the first I get when I used to model in exchange of CD’s and books and it reminds me of this time of my life I used to spend all my money for independent and old movies at cinema , rather than for food. I think at one point « Mamma Roma » cost me my health (Couldn’t stop seeing it on big screen…). And about Goo, well… there is this song.

I feel like a prick, using music I love in one goal… Talking ’bout shoes. And Dirty Boots is my introduction to that. Very subtle. Anyway, during seven years, I wore the same shoes everyday. Some brown bikers from Sendra that I love but that are falling apart. With ’em, I walked through eleven different countries and kicked some asses. They were my companions on Slovenian roads’ hitch hiking, they saw Chuck Berry playing live, they even jumped on a bed in a luxury hotel just before ending into a giant jacuzzi…

That’s probably why I feel a bit guilty when I long for those :



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